New free Games with Gold for June 2020 anounced!

Hello dear visitors, the first month of summer has come - June. This means that Microsoft has announced a new selection of free games for holders of an Xbox Live Gold subscription. As usual, there are two projects waiting for Xbox 360 users, and four for Xbox One (thanks to backward compatibility).

All games will be available exclusively to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for a limited time with Games with Gold. With Xbox Live Gold you get the most up-to-date multiplayer platform, free games and exclusive membership discounts for games on the Microsoft Store - get Xbox Live Gold today to take part in the action!

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Free Xbox Live Gold Games in June 2020:

  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (Xbox One June 1-30)
  • Coffee Talk (Xbox One, June 16 to July 15)
  • Destroy All Humans! (Xbox 360 and Xbox One June 1-15)
  • Sine Mora (Xbox 360 and Xbox One from June 16 to June 31)

 We suggest that you familiarize yourself with these games in more detail.

1. The first game on the June free games list for Xbox Live Gold members is Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure.
  • Age restrictions: 16+
  • Developer: WayForward.

The third part of the Shantae game series. Many fans of platform games can find much in common with Disney's DuckTales (an adventure based on exploring the islands, searching for artifacts and treasures). This time, a charming girl who lost her genius abilities in the previous parts will have to team up with her archenemy, the pirate Risky Boots. You will have to try to regain the lost strength of Shantae, regain control of the pirate team Risky Boots and save your world from a more serious threat, namely, to prevent the new owner of the village named Arms Baron from making a military fort from a peaceful settlement. The adventures of Shantae, which began back in 2002, always catch on with sparkling humor and a juicy picture.

2. The second game on the June free games list for Xbox Live Gold members is Coffee Talk.

  • Genre: Adventure.
  • Age restrictions: 18+
  • Developer: Toge Productions

Indonesian studio Toge Productions offers us to try on the role of a barista. However, preparing a huge number of options for tea, coffee or hot chocolate is not the most important thing in this game. In game Seattle, unlike a real city, vampires, werewolves, succubi, mermaids and other fantasy creatures live side by side with ordinary people. Once upon a time there was a war between races, but now it’s 2020 and, instead of fighting, elves found startups, dwarves created automobile empires, and orcs focused on computers. Well, sometimes they drop in a small coffee shop called Coffee Talk. The institution has its own specifics - it opens only at night. This fact of advanced players can lead to another similar game, VA-11 Hall-A, where the player acts as a bartender in the night bar. The barista in Coffee Talk is primarily a listener who occasionally intervenes in other people's conversations. We don’t even know how the barista looks, and are free to give him any name. From time to time, coffee shop visitors place orders that we must fulfill accurately. By serving the right drinks at the right time, the barista improves relationships with visitors. The stronger the friendship, the more information about the character is available in his profile. It is important, however, not only what you mix, but also in what order you do it. All unusual recipes are saved on your smartphone (you can also switch unobtrusive low-fi music there and view regular profiles) and open gradually, by trial and error - this is exactly what the VA-11 Hall-A lacked. Some drinks can be decorated with latte art. It is not necessary to do this, but the process itself is addictive and immerses perfectly in all this coffee surroundings. Although the characters in the game are fantastic creatures of various kinds, the problems that they share over a cup of coffee are very commonplace. All conversations seem lively and unstrained, the characters keep joking and teasing each other, so by reading their dialogs you can laugh heartily. As for the visual design of the game, it will undoubtedly delight everyone who has a weakness for pixel art. The interior of the coffee shop, visitors and the interface look charming. There are not so many animations in the game, but the ones that are are made perfectly (I especially like the way the process of creating drinks is shown). Plus, all clients eloquently express their emotions with their faces. In this game from Toge Productions, on the one hand, there are few actions, on the other, there are additional modes in which you can freely experiment with drinks. Coffee Talk appreciates the player’s time - you can save it at any time, load any of the calendar days, and in a separate tab you can read all conversations per shift if you accidentally overlook any replica. And as a bonus, pleasant visual and sound design, as well as the opportunity for yourself to discover new drinks.

3. The third game on the list of June free games for Xbox Live Gold members is Destroy All Humans!

  • Genre: Action.
  • Age restrictions: 12+
  • Developer: Pandemic Studios

A humorous action game about a petty, evil and heavily armed alien invader. A good opportunity to get acquainted with the 2005 game for free, a remake of which is now being prepared for release. Pandemic Studios invites us to visit the other side of the eternal war of good and evil, namely in our case in the form of an alien. If you try to find connections with any games, you can say that this is a mixture of two games: Alien Hominid (an alien life form shoots people right and left) and Grand Theft Auto (illusory live locations, relative freedom of movement, flexible mission structure and commodity-economic relations set by the cornerstone). Destroy All Humans! it has a rather large arsenal of weapons, and there is also a jetpack useful for long jumps and an unidentified flying object that gives, although not without reservation, a feeling of free flight over the area burnt by the lasers. It is possible that the gameplay would have undergone a more serious study if the stake in the development was made specifically on it. However, in the case of Destroy All Humans! the main goal was a mockery of the American phobia of that time - aliens. It is worth recalling at least the X-Files series.

4. The fourth game on the June free games list for Xbox Live Gold members is Sine Mora.

  • Genre: Arcade, action.
  • Age restrictions: 12+
  • Developer: Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture

An old, but surprisingly well-preserved shoot 'em up with many combinations of weapons and ways to manipulate time (alas, only in-game). Adapting to the player complexity and a good storyline are included. As in any Bullet Hell Shooter, the player controls a small ship that destroys dozens of enemy ships, collecting bonuses, upgrades, weapon modifiers, bombs and at the end of the stage comes face to face with a unique boss. The main element of Sine Mora is time - each enemy hit reduces the time in the game, and each destruction of the enemy increases it. But once the timer reaches zero, the game is considered over. This mechanic looks unusual compared to competitors. In a battle with bosses, when a player can get into a battle with a large enemy with a small remainder of the time, as a result of which he dies even before the start of the battle. In addition to the steampunk atmosphere, there are clearly defined characters connected with each other, there is a conflict and a global connection in the form of the Eternal War, which never stops, since one of the opponents constantly travels in time. In total, Sine Mora has 16 levels with unique pilots and weapons. Especially for fans of difficulties, the game offers Arcade Mode, and for fans of checking strengths there is a training mode with bosses and Score Attack.

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