What is SmartCDKeys.com?

What is SmartCDKeys.com?

About us SmartCDKeys.com comparision price cd key shops

SmartCDKeys is a video games and prepaid cards CD Keys price comparison. Compare prices and buy digital codes at lowest prices with instant delivery from trusted online stores. If you are looking to save money buying games online, get discount codes for gaming shops, win free cd keys or you are just looking for trusted cd keys stores (to avoid scam).. Then we should be already marked as your favorite page! SmartCDKeys offers you all this and more..

What is a CD-Key?

What is a CD-Key?

Till now we used to go to local store and buy the game in DVD format. Now you don't need the DVD anymore, you just need a CD Key which is a pin code that you can activate in your account from the official game website or platform (like Steam, Origin or Xbox Live) and it will allow you to download the game as many times you want (it would be like you have the DVD). This is totally legit and is the new way of buying PC and Consoles videogames and prepaid codes.

Why you should visit us frequently? We will give you 7 BIG reasons.

Why use and visit SmartCDKeys.com - Web compare prices
  1. Save money comparing CD Keys prices

    We offer the cheapest cd keys prices worldwide. We compare prices for more than 40 CD Keys shop (digital games shops). Most of them sell at low prices but, there is always a store selling a cheaper code. Nobody will offer you a better price than us. We always check who sells cheaper and tell to you.

    Save money buying CD Keys - SmartCDKeys

  2. Buy without risk (Only trusted stores here!)

    Looking for cheap prices can be risky. Many people use same cd-key store, even if it is not the cheapest one, because they do not feel secure registering and making a payment to a unknown website.

    We understand you.. But you may lose big offers because your insecurity. So, we give you 100% GUANRATEE OF TRUSTED CD KEY STORE on all shops appearing in our website. We tested each one of them and all them are trusted and have a professional team behind.

    Register, pay and get your digital code at cheap price with SmartCDKeys guarantee.

    Legit CD Key shops (stores) online trusted - SmartCDKeys

  3. Get discount codes for CD-Keys stores

    Because you, and other people, visit our website, stores prize us with discount/promotional codes of 3%, 5%, 10% or even more. We give them to you for free, so you can save even more money buying your game cd-key.

    Discount coupon codes for CD Key shop & stores - SmartCDKeys

  4. We have all Payment Methods (and fees included = Real final prices)

    ... You only can pay with a specific payment method?

    ... You get mad when you go to a website, see a cheap price and after spending time creating account, on checkout, they charge you a high payment fee without prior notice?

    In product page we show you the stores and their prices but, you can also use our "Filter".

    There you can choose your desired payment method (PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Sofort, Bitcoin,..) and we will show you only the stores who accept that payment method and we will include, automatically, the fees each store charge in the price we show to you in our website.

    In this way you can be 100% sure that what you see in our website is final price.

    Payment Methods - SmartCDKeys

  5. Prices in all Currencies available

    You can buy in any currency worldwide. But, many CD Keys stores show their price in only some currencies. If your currency is not in the list you must make currency conversion.

    Forget it! In SmartCDKeys you can choose almost any of currencies existing worldwide. We make conversion for you.

    Currencies exchange shops cd keys - SmartCDKeys

  6. Digital and instant delivery

    Most of the CD Keys stores now have automatic systems that deliver you the key code instantly to you by email or directly in your account from their website. You pay online instantly, you get your key code instantly and you can start playing instantly. It is amazing.

    Instant Delivery Digital Key - SmartCDKeys

  7. Join our social networks for Free CD Keys and Biggest Deals

    SmartCDKeys has Twitter, Facebook and Google+ websites. Also, a Telegram channel ( the best way to have our notifications instantly in your mobile ).

    You should follow us because there we announce daily offers, best games deals, discount codes, free access upcoming Alpha/Beta of a game, free access to weekend-play of a game... and we may gift FREE CD Keys there also :)

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