BUY Fire Emblem Warriors (USA) (Switch) CD Key Nintendo

BUY Fire Emblem Warriors (USA) (Switch) CD Key Nintendo

Being an intriguing spin-off of the popular strategic jRPG series, Fire Emblem Warriors constitutes a cool hack and slash role-playing game. The game adapts the Fire Emblem series, drawing up its characteristic features and heroes and adjusting it to the Dynasty Warriors convention.

Compelling storyline

Set off for a gripping adventure following the paths of prince Rowan and princess Lianna who bravely want to fight against the dark forces in order to take revenge for their childhood and their parents’ death.

Equipped with the titular Fire Emblem, a magical shield given by Queen Yelena, they leave the palace, encountering various otherworldly heroes which help them face up to the rising evil. Will they be able to eradicate darkness once and for all?

It depends on you and your help. Travel with Rowan and Lianna across the Aytolis rallying heroes from Ylisse, Hoshido, Nohr and Altea. Watch out however, as evil creatures lie in the ambush. As the time goes by, your characters will develop bonds, bringing them closer to each other, especially those who fight together.

Check how you can benefit from it. Find out if you will able to defend the Fire Emblem and finally bring back peace and quiet to the world.

Dynamic mechanics

The Japanese developers from Tecmo Koei have the hack and slash games down pat. Prepare for massive rough-and-tumble battles, where the swords will be constantly up and doing.

Fire Emblem Warriors’ gameplay contains a fast-paced mix of agility and tactics, keeping the player combat-ready all the time. One thing is certain: there’s no time for boredom! Choose from a wide array of playable characters, each providing a unique, exclusive set of features.

Discover their special attacks and skills developed thanks to the experience gained on the battlefield. Each of the heroes represents one of three character’s classes, which correspond to their weapons.

Choose the one which suits you best, defeat your enemies, and accomplish specific goals. Switch between different characters, fighting with many units during one battle.

Combine your heroes with the AI-controlled ones to obtain unique features and surpass your opponents. Use your wit and fight against your opponents to get a tactical advantage.

Fire Emblem Warriors also features a gripping co-operation mode, a real treat for all who like to play with the friends. Dividing the screen, the game offers a simultaneous engaging gameplay, where you dynamically switch roles.

Key features

  • Original campaign providing entertainment for long hours
  • Fast-paced, dynamic gameplay, featuring 3 difficulty levels which keep the player constantly concentrated
  • A vast array of heroes and enemies to encounter
  • Multiple choices to be made about the characters, providing exclusive features and attacks along with new tactical possibilities
  • Compelling co-op mode for two, using the split-screen
  • 3D graphic engine and technology known from the Dynasty Warriors’ series
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