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Deadlight: Director's Cut (PS4)

Deadlight: Director's Cut (PS4)

Deadlight: Director's Cut (PS4)

Set in an apocalyptic 1986, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to its knees. You play Randall Wayne, a father searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his family. You’ll encounter many life-threatening situations, but combat isn’t always the answer against the undead, fight back using scarce resources or hide and sneak past them utilizing the environment.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, now with improved gameplay, controls, and extra game modes.


  •  Fight or run from zombie encounters in tense combat and platforming
  •  Uncover the fate of Randall’s family as he searches Seattle
  •  Full 1080p with enhanced controls and improved animations
  •  Survive the ‘Nightmare’ difficulty mode, on console for the first time
  •  Fight for your life in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode. Use new weapons and tactics to overcome waves of zombies, scoring in online-leaderboards
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