КУПИТИ Avast Cleanup PREMIUM - 1 Device 1 Year CD Key Official Web

КУПИТИ Avast Cleanup PREMIUM - 1 Device 1 Year CD Key Official Web

The most comprehensive PC optimizer and tuneup toolkit.

Make your PC live longer and run faster

Boost your PC speed, free up disk space by removing bloatware and junk files, and solve small issues before they become big problems. See how it works.

Speed up, tune up, and revive your PC

Your PC isn’t getting any younger. Fix what’s slowing you down with Avast Cleanup’s patented breakthrough technology.

Give your PC a proper cleanup

Running out of disk space? Not anymore. Avast Cleanup scans your PC from top to bottom to remove gigabytes worth of leftover junk files from more than 200 applications, browsers, and even Windows.

Fix your PC problems

The quick fix for a tired PC, Avast Cleanup comes packed with tools for both novices and pros to fix some of the most annoying issues, crashes and freezes.


  • Sleep Mode

Patented tuneup method puts all resource-draining applications in hibernation to make your PC feel like new again.

  • Shortcut Cleaner

Removes dead shortcuts from your desktop and history lists across Windows and other applications.

  • 1-Click Maintenance

Takes care of 6 critical cleaning and tuning tasks with just one click.

  • Disk Cleaner

Safely deletes leftover files from Windows and over 200 of the most popular PC programs.

  • Registry Cleaner

Removes hidden junk from the Windows registry and fixes problems.

  • Browser Cleaner

Removes leftover browsing traces and cookies from 25+ browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

  • Tuning Dashboard and Action Center

Offers a quick overview of your PC’s health.

  • Bloatware Removal

Detects and removes 3rd-party trials, ads, and toolbars you never wanted.

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ДОДАТИ КОМЕНТАР ПРО Avast Cleanup PREMIUM - 1 Device 1 Year
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