COMPRAR Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer CD Key Steam

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COMPRAR Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer CD Key Steam

Our dark tale has one more chapter!

The culmination of the Arch-Necromancer’s malevolent efforts! And, by extension, yours.

Assume the role of Iratus once more and sweep aside all mortal resistance to do battle with the powers that be. Along will come new enemies and challenges, and one can’t expect the mindless undead to overcome those by themselves, right?

So laugh evilly, necromancer, the time to establish your rightful kingdom has finally come!

Main features

  • New minion — the Reaper
  • New minion — the Abomination
  • 17 additional skins for minions
  • Additions to the alchemy system — craftable Battle Potions. Also, new items and artifacts to boost potions even further!
  • New huge enemies on all floors
  • New bosses, including a final super-boss!
  • New (sixth) floor with new game ending, additional outro video and story content
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$ 9.57
Fanatical Steam
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$ 12.01
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