COMPRAR Fortnite - Polar Legends Pack (DLC) (Argentina) (Xbox One) CD Key XBOX LIVE

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COMPRAR Fortnite - Polar Legends Pack (DLC) (Argentina) (Xbox One) CD Key XBOX LIVE

This Fortnite DLC bundle includes the following:

  •  Frozen Nog Ops Outfit;
  •  Frozen Fishstick Outfit;
  •  Codename E.L.F. Outfit;
  •  The Devourer Outfit;
  •  E.L.F. Shield Back Bling;
  •  Castle Peaks Back Bling;
  •  Power Roar emote.

Fortnite Polar Legends Pack DLC Bundle will deliver a generous amount of Fortnite winter skins, that include four in-game outfits together with two back blings. At the same time, the Devourer skin included in the pack comes together with a unique Power Roar emote. Among the skins you’ll get with this DLC, you can also expect to receive rare and highly desired Fortnite outfits such as Codename E.L.F. and the frozen version of Nog Ops. Fortnite skin known as Fishstick also gets a frozen makeover, so use this unprecedented chance to own these Fortnite cosmetic items!

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