Warcraft 3 Reforged

Warcraft 3 Reforged

Long before the World of Warcraft, long before the series was an MMORPG, there was...Warcraft. This real-time strategy game franchise was the building blocks that became the hit MMORPG. And at its peak was Warcraft III and its expansions. Despite all the success of WOW, the Warcraft community has been hungry for more Warcraft, even if it was a return to the old ways in a simple way. Now, they're going to get their wish, for now, Blizzard has made Warcraft III: Reforged! A remaster and re-imagining of the original game, and one that will satisfy all who remember the classic title when it released.

You might be wondering though, "Wait, what if I still have the original Warcraft III? Will I be able to play it and enjoy the fun of the new version?" You can! Blizzard is making Reforged cross-game compatible. Something you don't see every day. You'll be able to put on your old title and play against those who have the remaster. Plus, if you had maps and content from the original, they'll transfer to the new one!

Plus, the game is getting overhauled not just in the graphics department, but in the story as well! There's been 16 years of lore since the release of Warcraft III, so many things need to be updated. But fear not! Blizzard went and talked to both gamers and modders and got their opinions on how to make Warcraft III: Reforged the best game possible, and they're going to do that by not changing everything, but changing enough to make the game better.

Warcraft III: Reforged is the remaster/re-imagining you've been dreaming about! You can get your key for the game here, so don't miss out!

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