Tortuga - A Pirate's Tale (Xbox ONE) CD Key XBOX LIVE

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 Tortuga - A Pirate's Tale (Xbox ONE) CD Key XBOX LIVE

Greetings, my chums!

You all probably want to know why I invited you to join me on deck for a quick meeting and mingle.

Well, I've noticed that y'all are, how should I phrase it, carousers. With our most recent antics, I'm not amused. The lower decks are filled with the stench of mutiny, I swear.

I am your very own, humble Captain, and I am here to:

  • Are you not astonished?
  • Have I not been good to you?
  • Was it the plentiful booze?
  • the overflowing tobacco-filled barrels?
  • On shore leave, the compassionate warmth of a possessed siren?
  • Or perhaps my generosity in dividing the loot equally and fairly?

Is this all you agreed to? Enlighten me, senses. Is this living like a pirate what you had in mind?

Who among you landlubbers has the guts to suggest mutiny and shed your own captain's blood to grab control of this ship, I challenge you?

Draw your cutlass right away, or walk the plank and spend the remainder of your miserable existence in quiet at the bottom of the oceans.

Permit me to reiterate my commitment to this crew and this ship.

In exchange for plunder, wealth, and immortal glory, I promised you an adventure and a life of enormous danger.

We are the bane of the Caribbean waters, and we are well aware that dead men do not speak. However, the Pirate's Tale will be propagated by the scurrying dread of our next victim.

Before we turn around and head back to Tortuga, let's weigh anchor, raise the mizzen, and ready the guns.



Although we provide you with the means to do so, you are not naturally a brilliant pirate. Create a unique flag for your fleet to sail under. Your reputation and abilities will advance as you acquire experience. Play with more than 35 different pirate talents as you work your way toward the pirate crown.


The four colonial powers of the Old World rule the Caribbean in the seventeenth century.

Although it is not your fault, becoming a pirate is your obligation! Act now to lift the load of the richly laden colonies from the shoulders of the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English people. However, exercise caution. Avoid setting out too early or too far from your dependable home port unless you are positive that you are the largest fish in the sea.


Although a ship is secure in a harbor, it is not what ships are designed for. On an enormous hexagonal grid, engage in tactical turn-based naval combat. When you raid a village or a convoy, use your intelligence. The ability to successfully combine your ship's unique arsenal with the fluctuating and challenging sea conditions determines victory.


It is your responsibility to build and manage a formidable fleet before facing the cannon hail of those powerful vessels that are waiting in the waters. It is possible to create more than 360 different loadouts by combining various improvements of your ship's fundamental components, such as its weapons, hull, mast, or figurehead.


You have a duty to distribute the prizes and wealth with your crew as the ship's elected captain. The goals you set before leaving port are clearly stated in the so-called "articles of capture" you agree to. Remember that rebellion rumors might have terrible consequences if they are spread below decks. You were not appointed captain by the Lord's favor; rather, you were elected captain.


You will have the chance to get to know various famous pirates as you pursue your goal of being the most dreadful, most magnificent pirate commander. Make intelligent choices about your enemies and allies.


18 different types of ships, including the Ship of the Line, Frigate, War Galleon, and many more are included.


Read stories about the Golden Age of Piracy for more than 25 hours. The world truly is your oyster. You have access to useful questlines from governors and your fellow pirate buddy that can earn you a few doubloons. Do not neglect to locate the neighborhood pub and listen in on the most recent rumors. Rum loosens the tongue, illuminating hitherto undiscovered gems.

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TRUSTPILOT - 4.6⭐ / 5
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