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McAfee Total Protection 2019 - Unlimited Users (10 devices) 1 Year

McAfee Total Protection 2019 - Unlimited Users (10 devices) 1 Year

McAfee® Total Protection

Premium antivirus, identity and privacy protection for Unlimited number of your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets

Key Features

  • Award-Winning Security: Defend against viruses, ransomware and online threats with a combination of cloud-based online and offline protection.
  • Safe Web Browsing:  Browse confidently and steer clear of online dangers like malware, phishing and malicious downloads.
  • Identity Theft Protection – Stand up to would-be identity thieves with always-on identity monitoring and 24/7/365 agents.  1

Award-Winning Antivirus

Easy to use security from a name you trust

  • Block viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs
  • Anti-SPAM: Prevent SPAM email from reaching your inbox
  • Cross-Device: Protect all your devices so you are protected at home and on the go

Virus Protection Pledge

100% Guarantee

  • McAfee® Total Protection is backed by our 100% Guarantee providing you with the confidence that if your PC gets a virus a McAfee expert will remove it, or your money back! 
  • Requires enrollment in auto-renewal service; additional terms apply. 2

Beyond Antivirus

Go beyond Antivirus with rich features that protect your identity, privacy and devices and keep you productive

  • Comprehensive Mobile Security: Keep your data safe and easily track your lost or stolen device even if the SIM is replaced. 
  • PC Boost: Increases the performance of your computer’s browser and apps, allowing you to spend more time on what matters.
  • File Lock: Keep your personal files private by storing them on your PC with password protection and 128-bit file encryption
  • Password Manager: Recognizes your fingerprint or secondary device, secures your passwords & instantly logs you in to your websites and apps
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