KØBE Pokemon Sword: Expansion Pass (USA) (Switch) CD Key Nintendo

KØBE Pokemon Sword: Expansion Pass (USA) (Switch) CD Key Nintendo

After entering the purchased download code, you will be asked to select between Sword Expansion Pass and Shield Expansion Pass. After that you will download the selected version (the action is not reversible).

If you want to have both version you will have to buy the game twice.

The Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass is only compatible with Pokémon Sword for Nintendo Switch.

Your adventure continues with the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass, containing new stories to experience, new Pokémon to encounter, and new Wild Areas to explore. You’ll even meet new and returning Legendary Pokémon along the way! The Expansion Pass contains two expansions, releasing in summer 2020 and autumn 2020 respectively.

Two expansions included!

  • The Isle Of Armor
  • The Crown of Tundra
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