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Hero Defense - Haunted Island (PS4)

Hero Defense - Haunted Island (PS4)

Hero Defense - Haunted Island (PS4)

Hero Defense - Haunted Island offers the player five unique heroes that battle their way through various arenas to defeat Count Necrosis. 

In order to destroy the world’s most powerful vampire, a team of slayers must impale, slash, tear and burn through legions of undead hell-bent on world domination. Hero Defense - Haunted Island challenges fans from MOBAs, RPGs and Tower Defense games to strategically manoeuvre their upgradeable heroes to destroy hordes of sinister creeps. 

Players customize their heroes through a deep RPG layer featuring upgradeable weapons and rich character skill trees. 

A long lasting multiplayer experience gives enthusiasts the possibility to dominate the worldwide ladder for loot and precious runes. 

Key features

  • Modify weapons by collecting and socketing powerful runes 
  • Customize rune builds for devastating combos and skill-synergies 
  • Build hero shrines to empower your characters during battle
  • Gain XP to access and level up each hero’s individual skill tree 
  • Gather loot and equip spells that freeze, burn and poison the undead 
  • Rebuild your town and unlock new buildings
  • Liberate your island, assemble your team and enjoy hours of a narrated story 
  • Replay procedurally generated enemies and daily challenges 
  • Succeed over bosses that possess special abilities
  • Kill creeps fast to punish the enemy in an innovative mix of MOBA and Tower Defense 
  • Battle other players in ranked or unranked matches 
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