KØBE Fortnite: Coaching - Fortnite Duos Battle Royale coaching CD Key Official Web

KØBE Fortnite: Coaching - Fortnite Duos Battle Royale coaching CD Key Official Web

Includes one lesson with a coach. Typical lesson length is 75 minutes. 1 hour goes for practical part.

We guarantee that you’ll get

  • Theoretical and practical skills on achieving great results in Fortnite Duos Battle Royale
  • Experience in playing Fortnite Duos with professional Fortnite coach
  • Duo gameplay tips and secrets. Closing or keeping the distance with your partner, trapping the enemy if down one player and other. 
  • Strong map knowledge, threat awareness and guide for survival
  • Knowledge of fast and accurate drop down/landing strategy, building and looting understanding, avoiding unnecessary confrontations tips and best last minutes behavior tactics
  • Weapon mechanics and trap usage understanding
  • Storm Eye explanation, map length, and timing tips
  • High ground advantage and fast building tactics

Coaching plan

  • Theoretical part: Explaining the tactics in Duo gameplay. Teamplay, callouts and winning strategy
  • Practical part: You will play at least 3 full matches with you coach. If you die fast, you will be playing until the end of the lesson. Valuable assist in every hard ingame situation, professional advice, and an explanation of every important game aspect
  • Final part: Analysis of mistakes made during the coaching. Recommendations and tips on Fornite winning strategy, threat awareness, best map behavior, questions for your coach (free talk)

How your order will be done

  • Typical lesson length is 75 minutes. 1 hour goes for practical part
  • After making an order on the website we will arrange a professional coach to you
  • We will set up a voice/text chat with your coach
  • You are free to set up your schedule by yourself, and split theory part and practical lesson. However, we do not recommend this.
  • Coaching session
  • You’ll get links to your lessons video records on your email
  • We’ll kindly ask you to leave a feedback for improving our services (communication quality, affability, and usefulness of your training)

With whom you will be playing with

  • TOP FortniteTracker TRN Rating/Win Streaks/Solo Showdown Leaderboards
  • Multiple Fortnite Tournaments winners
  • Multiple Seasons Top 1% Leaderboard players
  • Best coaches with 2+ years work experience

Customer protection

  • In case if you are not satisfied with your coach we will replace him for free or you get money back for the rest of the lesson
  • Flexible coaching schedule. You can always choose another date and time for the lesson if your plans will change
  • Money back guarantee before the beginning of your lessons if you change your mind
  • 24/7 support
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