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KOUPITDungeons of Aether CD Key Steam

The Aether Studios team member Nikita "ampersandbear" Belorusov created the turn-based dungeon crawler known as Dungeons of Aether. While Rivals of Aether is renowned for its fierce competitiveness and twitch abilities, Dungeons of Aether lets you go at your own speed while being just as difficult. Every decision you make has the potential to further your dungeon exploration or hasten your fate. Will you be taken out in a pine box or a treasure chest?

Dungeons of Aether features a dice draft mechanism for fighting that guarantees each battle is distinct while testing the player's ability to adjust the pool of dice each turn. Utilize fortune to your advantage to vanquish enemies, gather wealth, and tip the scales in your favor.

In Dungeons of Aether, four captivating new characters are introduced to the Aetherial realm, each with their own distinctive abilities and endearing personalities.

Although being viewed more as a bumbling threat than a hero, Fleet is the self-described guardian of Julesvale, where she was born and raised. Fleet is a fantastic character to learn the fighting system from because he is a master of many skills.

Former Wall Runner from the formidable Rock Wall, Hamir. After losing his close comrade, he has traveled to Julesvale in exile. Hamir is now searching for a reason for existing as well as the guts to continue. Hamir is robust and resilient, withstanding assaults until the appropriate moment to vanquish his adversaries.

Pirate Slade hails from the remote Polekai Islands. He has traveled to Julesvale in search of a secret, rare mineral that is found only there. The mineral allegedly holds the secret to preserving his country. If his speed is good enough, Slade may completely avoid strikes because to his flair and swagger.

Famous Fire Mora general Artemis frequently fought with Zetterburn. Emperor Loxodont dispatched her to Julesvale on a covert assignment. In combat, Artemis can recover from injuries and display her inherent regenerative skills.

The story surrounding the developing universe of Aether gains a fresh, intriguing element thanks to Dungeons of Aether! Visit Julesvale, a steampunk village, and venture into the vast caves that lie underneath it. You'll play a roguelite adventure in Story Mode where you start each dive from town. You may talk to the locals there and use your hard-earned gold to buy supplies for your upcoming run.

You'll enter many dungeons where you'll encounter various difficulties and prizes. You can gather Diary Entries that provide further details about Julesvale and its fabled past as you explore the Julesvale Mines, the Lava Caves, the Underground Oasis, and the Mineral Deposits.

You should try your abilities in the Challenge Dungeons if you want to experience genuine roguelike difficulties. Every Challenge Dungeon has its own special events and battles that are chosen at random. The goal of the game is to traverse every biome in a single run.

In Story Mode, you may take your time getting ready, interacting with Characters, and enjoying world exploration. In Challenge Dungeons, everything is up to you!

. A leaderboard for the Challenge Dungeons is based on your gold balance at the conclusion of the run. Will you use your wealth to ensure your passage or are you just being greedy?

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