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KOUPITBlood Bowl 3 (PS4) CD Key PSN

Put your boots on, put on your helmet, and adjust your shoulder and chest armor. then tuck a dagger with a keen edge under your belt (discreetly).

As the inhabitants chose to settle their disputes through Blood Bowl, a sport honoring the deity Nuffle, there are no longer any wars in the Old World. Unfortunately, this sport sees just as much bloodshed as the battlefields it has replaced. To the joy of every fervent fan, murder, mutilation, cheating, corruption, magic, and even divine intervention are all permitted on the field!

Be merciless but not brainless – Choose one of the 12 possible factions to lead, and by strategically arranging your players, you may impede your opponents' advancement. In order to go to the end zone and score important touchdowns, avoid or brutally destroy anybody who stands in your way. Obviously, the best strategists will have an advantage, but will it be sufficient? A teammate might be eaten by an out-of-control troll, altering the outcome of the game.

You're the boss –Create players, alter their look, insignia, and armor, enlist cheerleaders, and hire a coach before taking part in the Old World's most intense contests. But take note: accidents happen often, and there's a good chance that some of your players may leave the field with their feet up, thereby ending their careers...

What's new in Blood Bowl 3

  • Based on the official rules of the latest edition of the board game, including new skills and redesigned passing mechanics
  • 12 factions to choose from, including the Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance and the Chaos Renegades for the first time in a Blood Bowl video game
  • Pitches with special game rules to add variety to your matches
  • New customization options for your coaches, cheerleaders, teams and every piece of your players' armour
  • A single-player campaign available to all factions
  • An improved competitive mode with new league management features and an official ladder
  • A flexible timer to help organize training sessions between experienced players and beginners without constraints

The Orcs, Humans, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Skaven, Elven Union, Nurgle, Imperial Nobility, Black Orcs, Old World Alliance, and Chaos Renegades are among the factions that are currently playable.

The brand-new solo campaign

An agency has agreed to pay for you and your squad to compete in a brand-new Blood Bowl competition called the Battle of Sponsors after noticing your coaching prowess on the field. Can you annihilate your rivals and inspire the crowd to dream?

  • Compete against the most successful sponsor teams in the Old World
  • Pit yourself against star players who have become brand ambassadors, including the legendary Griff Oberwald
  • Play with your choice of faction and use this team in all other game modes

Competitive settings with several options

Blood Bowl 3 offers a brand-new competitive mode in which you may compete against other players of all skill levels and from across the world in addition to the story and friendly matches versus other players or the AI:

  • Competitive seasons with an official ladder
  • A league system available to players, with new management options and the ability to create your own custom tournaments with your preferred settings (stadiums, pitches, timer, factions…)
  • Regular challenges via temporary game modes
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